How to Get a Job in Japan

Here’s the method I used for getting a job in Japan that was quite successful. After three interviews I had offers for four positions. Please realize, also, that most jobs acquired by foreigners in Japan are English teaching positions. Side note: Having a bachelors degree is almost a must in order for the Japanese Immigration Office to grant you a visa. Hopefully these steps help you also. 1 Motivation 2 Come to Japan 3 Apply Everywhere 4 Presentation 5 Flexibility Not mentioned in the video but added by RisuMiso in the comments is perseverance. Most people will probably get rejected many times before finding a job. This is normal. You may also get interviews, second interviews, and still have it fall through. Keep on trying, and you will find a job. Some Motivational Material to get in gear: (this is what coming to Japan has been like for me so far) (you know you like it 😉 Some useful job posting sites: If you want to check out the resume and cover letter I used to get my job, download them here: I’d love to offer more insight or help in anyway, just send me a message or contact me through one of the links below. Blog: Twitter Facebook: **Don’t forget to RATE, SUBSCRIBE, COMMENT PLZ** どうもありがとう

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