How to Find the Best Medicare Advantage Plans in 2021

Choosing the right Medicare Advantage Plan varies based on your medical needs, personal situation, finances, and other factors. Here are three steps to help you find the best Medicare Advantage Plans for you in 2021.
1. Evaluate All of the Plan Options at Your Disposal
Medicare Advantage Plans fall into the following categories:
Comparing which plans you qualify for as well as the premiums, deductibles and potential out-of-pocket costs associated with each option is key to finding the best plan for you.
2. Determine Your Plan Requirements
Consider the following criteria to narrow your search for the best Medicare Advantage Plan:
You can view Medicare Advantage Plans in your area on the Medicare website. Here, you can see which Medicare Advantage Plan aligns with your needs. 
3. Assess All Plan Costs
Use the Medicare Find a Plan tool to compare the costs of different Medicare Advantage Plans. This tool lets you assess the following Medicare Advantage Plan cost information:
The aforementioned costs vary based on where you live, the plan type, and the benefits included in your plan. Remember that any premiums will be on top of the Part B premium, which still applies to all Medicare Advantage Plans.
A Medicare Advantage Plan can provide a viable alternative to Original Medicare. Many Medicare Advantage Plans charge no additional premium on top of the Original Medicare Plan B premium, and can provide additional benefits such as out-of-pocket annual maximums and supplemental coverage that lower your total healthcare expenses.
Source: iQuanti, Inc.