How to Find a Job During Recession

Finding a job during recession seems like a tough nut to crack. Companies are laying off, cutting their personnel costs, freezing recruitment and optimizing their current staff. Amidst all this, if you are a job seeker, it could be very hard. However, not all is lost. It may be tough but it is not impossible. A positive and structured approach can help you get a job. If you have been laid off, or are a fresh graduate hunting for job, you need to understand that you are not the only one. Globally, thousands have been laid off and young jobseekers are becoming skeptical about the job market. The insecurity and uneasiness is natural but you should not let it bog you down. Keep your career as the paramount concern in your head and focus on the positives rather than feeling depressed about what is negative around you.

If you are currently in a job and your company has started laying off, do everything possible to hold on to your job. Do a little extra to prove your worth. Make sure you are crucial to your company. However, if you still get picked up for the pink slip, tackle the situation with a realistic attitude. Have a plan to steady your career in these tumultuous times. Your first priority should be landing a job even if it is on a lower salary. Keep your pride and ego aside and treat job hunting just as a process. These are tough times and making your ego a stumbling block will only hurt your prospects of getting hired.

While job hunting, make a plan and stick to it. Devote part or full time hours in pursuing job opportunities. Everyday, make sure you network with peers and friends; find leads and openings on web sites, newspapers and job boards; prepare customised resumes and cover letters and send them to potential employers. If you have worked in other companies earlier, try contacting them and see if there is any suitable opportunity for you. Even if you have to make cold call sin the HR departments of companies that you feel can hire you, don’t hesitate. Appear for interviews and do not fear rejection. The job market is bleak so the probability of your getting selected in the fist or second interview is low. The mantra here is perseverance. Be consistent and don’t give up.

Also, you must look at new sectors and jobs. This might turn out to be an opportunity time for you. If you have researched companies and jobs of interest and are still sitting empty-handed, try looking at new avenues. You could look at other jobs of interest and in fact look at pursuing your hobby as your career. Even if you don’t want to change industry in the long-run, just gets a job right now to add on to your experience and keep the pay Cheque coming in.

In a nut shell, it is of no use to sit in regret. Keep contacting people. Call up HR managers or people in the company of department of your interest to see if they have any opportunity that suits you. Meet friends and business acquaintances over coffee or lunch. These people could be instrumental in finding you a job at this time. Don’t attach emotions to your job search during the time of recession. This could prove counter-productive.

Before you attend interviews, put in an extra effort in researching about the company. Read up about the latest developments in the company or their new product launches. Talking about these things will leave a good impression on the interviewer. After the interview, don’t forget to follow up with prospective employers. Call the person who interviewed you, send an email or a hand written thank you note. This will keep you in top-of-the-mind memory of the interviewer.

While all sectors are being affected by the current recession, there are still a few sectors which are less affected. FMCG is a strong defensive industry as the demand for daily consumption goods generally remains stable. It is definitely safer than sectors such as IT and realty. Even telecom, pharmacy and financial services are good sectors at this time.

Another thing that one can do at the time of recession is improving your skills. Just take a stock of your skill sets and see if you need any improvement. Recession and being laid off just might be a blessing in disguise as it will give you time and scope to pursue a new course. Learn something new as no education ever goes waste. It will only enhance your chances of getting a good job. Also, you will feel better and more confident while job hunting and any break that you took in job hunting will be well-justified. So, not all is lost in recession. That elusive job will definitely come your way.

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