How to Find a Dentist That Accepts Your Insurance

iQuanti: Finding the right dentist to partner with in your long-term oral health is important. Not only will you see them for regular cleanings, but you’ll rely on them to help fix any potential problems your teeth may face along the way.
Dental care can be expensive if not covered by insurance, and there are hundreds of dental insurance providers out there with different networks of dentists and benefits. One of the first steps in your dental care journey is to find a dentist that accepts your insurance to ensure your dental needs are covered.
Tips for finding a dentist
If you choose a dentist that’s out of your dental insurance network, you could have to pay for most or all your dental care out-of-pocket. This can add up quickly and be very expensive. Here are a few tips for finding a dentist that accepts your insurance to help avoid those unnecessary costs.
1. Use your insurance company’s website
Most insurance companies have a find-a-provider tool where you can quickly and easily search for a list of dentists near you. Most tools will ask for your zip code or location, and some offer other filter options to help narrow down your choices, such as if the dentist is accepting new patients. Then, it will return a list of dentists closest to your location who meet your criteria and are covered by your insurance.
If you’re shopping for dental insurance, using the company’s website can be a great way to learn how big the provider network is. The more options you have, the more likely that you’ll find one who can provide the services you need.
2. Contact your dental insurance company
If you don’t have access to a computer, the online search tool is difficult to navigate, or you need additional help, you can likely call the insurance company directly. They will ask for the location you’d like the dentist to be in and help you with your search.
You may also be able to ask for a provider directory, which is a booklet listing all the providers in your network. They may email it to you in a PDF format, or you may be able to get one mailed to you.
3. Ask for a referral
If you get dental insurance through an employer, ask your colleagues who their dentist is. Getting a referral from someone you know can help you find someone you like and can trust, and they are likely to be in your network.
You can also ask friends, family and neighbors who they see. Once you get a list, research with your insurance provider directly to learn if that dentist is in your network, or you can call the dentist and ask.
4. Call potential dentists
Whether you found the dentist on the insurance provider’s website or received their name as a recommendation from a family or friend, you could call the dentists directly to:
Source: iQuanti, Inc.