How to Deal With Work At Home Moms Sterotypes

So many women who work at home have to deal with how others perceive them and tend to stereotype them.  As a result, this is one of the most difficult issues that work at home moms have to deal with on a daily basis.  So many individuals feel that individuals who work at home are not actually working, but instead have nothing but free time on their hands.
However, for those individuals who have worked at home in the past know the time and energy they put into working at home so that they can become effective and efficient.  It is not unusual for work at home moms to have to deal with spouses calling in the middle of the expecting them to run across town to buy something for the lawn mower or your friends call wanting you to drop everything and go shopping as a way to undermine your work efforts.
It can be difficult at times to make friends who do not work understand that your days are no longer free when you work at home.  The most simple things such as invitations to lunch, calls during work, or even uninvited guests can oftentimes mess with your daily work schedule.  In order to avoid such interruptions it is vital to inform friends and relatives of your work schedule.
Developing a set work schedule will enable you to set boundaries for yourself as well as those around you so you can make it clear to them that you are more than serious about the work you do at home.  Inform your friends and family that between certain hours of the day you are unable to take calls from them unless it is an emergency, but any other time you would love to hear from them.  At first, you might have to go as far as to turn off your phone to show them you really mean business.
For individuals who cannot seem to resist those spontaneous drop in visits, set aside one day a week to have a luncheon with them.  This will let them know they are still important with you, but also show them that you do not have time for their spontaneous visits either.
Work at home mothers oftentimes find it the most difficult having to deal with spouses who do not understand the concept of working at home and keeping house at the same time simply do not coexist.  However, by familiarizing your spouse with the nature of your work at home business, then they will be more readily to accept your career and the lack thereof your house keeping skills.  Learn to work together as a family to maintain your home instead.

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