How to Compare Travel Credit Cards in 2021

Travel credit cards allow you to earn and redeem rewards during your travels and for everyday spending. From airline and hotel credit cards to general travel cards, there are many excellent options to choose from.
When comparing cards, you should consider your travel and rewards preferences to find the best travel credit card for you. Even though there isn’t much traveling happening yet in 2021, getting a credit card now can still earn you some great rewards and help you save up for a free or discounted trip once it’s safe to go on vacation again.
Types of travel credit cards
Travel credit cards offer various ways to earn miles and redeem rewards. Here are some travel credit card options at your disposal:
General travel credit cards       
General travel credit cards aren’t tied to a specific airline or hotel, so these cards have more flexibility when it comes to redeeming points. When using your rewards to get free or discounted travel, you can either use the card’s rewards program or transfer your points to an airline or hotel partner. 
Airline credit cards
Airline credit cards are co-branded cards that can earn you miles for a specific airline. You can typically earn extra points when booking travel through that airline, and can enjoy perks while flying such as free checked bags, in-flight discounts, and airport lounge access.
Hotel credit cards
Hotel credit cards are co-branded with a hotel, and let you redeem your rewards for a free or discounted stay at a location in that particular hotel program. Like airline cards, you can earn extra points when booking a stay through the hotel. You can also enjoy hotel perks including free award-night stays, room upgrades, and late checkout.
How can I compare travel credit cards?
Here are some features and benefits to consider when choosing the best travel credit card for you:
Rewards rate
Compare rewards rates that travel credit cards offer, or how many points you can receive for different spending categories. If you have a hotel or airline preference, for instance, consider getting a co-branded card and earn extra points or miles for booking travel with that brand.
Annual fee
When deciding what travel credit card is right for your spending and travel preferences, compare annual fees. Make sure that the annual fee doesn’t outweigh the rewards you would earn. You can also choose a no annual fee credit card, but remember that you will likely earn rewards at a lower rate and may not get as many perks.
How to choose the best travel credit card for you
Travel credit cards offer different combinations of features and rewards that can help you get the most of your travels and spending. When deciding which credit card is best for you, you should weigh the pros and cons of each card and ask yourself what perks would most benefit you.
Whether you enjoy flexibility when redeeming travel rewards, want to book travel with one airline or hotel, or would prefer no annual fee, you can find the best travel credit card that meets your preferences. And when we can all travel safely again, you’ll be able to save big on your next vacation.
Source: iQuanti, Inc.