How to Choose a Niche | Affiliate Marketing for Beginners How to Choose a Niche In order to make money in any type of business, you need a niche. You can’t just open a “clothing store” an expect to make money. You need to open a “baby clothing store” or a “wedding dress store”. The more tightly niched your business is, the less competition you have to worry about. This is especially true with online businesses. In your local area, there will only be so many companies you’ll have to compete with. For example, how many bridal shops do you have in your town? Three, five, maybe twenty in a larger city. Online, there are thousands and thousands. Not only would you have to compete with all of the thousands of bridal shops, but you’d also have to compete with potentially millions of affiliates, all competing for the top spot. In this case, you might have to go for an even tighter niche. For example, you could go for petite wedding dresses, plus-sized wedding dresses, or Victorian wedding dresses. Niche selection is a critical element of any business, and in this guide, you’re going to learn how to choose hot ones! Desperate Niches A desperate niche is one in which the average person has a problem they feel desperate to find a solution for. Desperate niches are generally the most profitable, because people are willing to pay money to solve desperate problems. Let’s say you had bed bugs. You wake up every night itching from their bites, and it’s making it nearly impossible to sleep. Wouldn’t you be pretty desperate to get

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