How to Change Which Credit Cards Are Saved on Your iPhone

iQuanti: Technology has now made it possible to use your iPhone as a one-stop shop for paying for things on the go. You no longer have to carry a wallet full of credit and debit cards around if you don’t want to.
That said, it can take a little getting used to. You might be confused as to how to manage your saved credit cards, as well as how to add new credit cards that you’ve recently added to your wallet.
Below, we’ll explain how to add and delete cards from Apple Pay, and keep your digital wallet up to date with your physical wallet.
What is Apple Pay?
Apple Pay is a mobile/digital payment system that lets you store your credit card data in a digital “wallet.”
You can then use any of your stored cards to pay for things in person, through iOS apps, and even online through the Safari web browser.
Most people use Apple Pay with their iPhone due to its convenience. However, it’s available on other Apple devices, including Apple Watches, iPads, and Macs/Macbooks.
How Do You Change Your Stored Credit Cards on iPhone?
Whether you want to add cards, change your default card, or remove cards from your iPhone, the process is rather quick.
Adding Cards
To add cards, you’ll need the latest version of Apple’s OS for your given device (such as iOS for iPhone). You’ll then need to sign in to iCloud and make sure your card’s supported and from a participating card company.
If these all check out, here’s how to add a new card:
Here’s how to add an existing card:
Changing Your Default Card
Once you add a card to your Wallet, that’s your default card. However, you might want to change it — for example, if you’re making a purchase that earns a higher cashback rate on a different card. 
Here’s how to change your default card on your iPhone:
You can also simply tap and drag your desired default card to the top of your cards list to make it your default.
Removing Cards
Here’s how to remove cards from your Apple Wallet:
Alternatively, you can do the following:
Easily Manage Your Digitally-Saved Credit Cards
Apple Pay makes it pretty easy to manage which cards are stored on your phone and which one you pay with. Knowing these steps, you can make easy payments with the right cards for each purchase.
Source: iQuanti, Inc.