How to Buy Ad Packages in HourlyRevShare Hourlyrevshare is currently experiencing massive growth. This is due to the quality of service members are enjoying and they are equally spreading the news like wide fire. We are enjoying record deposits and payments have been very smooth, steady and fast as usual. I am pleased to announce to you that our Testimonial Page has been added. Members can write testimonials about HRS and express what you think about us. It will surely be helpful to build confidence with newbie’s. It will also help to update everyone about current progress members can find it in Members Overview panel. Today, we hit another milestone of 2000+ members and also 870+ record payments has been made within 33 days at the time of filing in this report, 300+ members in past 48 hours Thanks to everyone who has been supporting HRS to attain this massive success. Many have been asking us same question daily on how we are able to make money to service members account. For all first callers, we have given a satisfactory explanation but for the benefit of doubt, we will give a repeat explanation. It is very easy. We generate profits on 2 fronts. First is online adverting. This we are new in but doing very well. On our second front which is forex trading, I have a considerable experience in this area. If we are able to make 7%-10% profit on our daily forex trading, how is it difficult to pay 6.5% on members return? Anyone who is conversant with online advertising business knows this is a

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