How to Apply for Jobs – In Person to Online Job Submission

How to Apply for Jobs

In today’s world applying for a job is relatively easy as compared to my time when you have to scan through the newspaper classifieds. Get your résumé typed and make photo copies of it. Then note down addresses of each job advertisement and apply individually be sending a snail mail. Last thing was to sit down and hope some day a interview letter will reach at your door step.

Now in twenty first century things have changed at rapid pace. The modes of applying for a job are many. Today you can apply for a job through a job sites, employer website, job forums, social media sites and of course through traditional method of newspaper and resource management offices.

Let’s look at what are the options available for applying the jobs. First let me give information on traditional way for applying for jobs.

In Person Application

This process you can do through two methods. One method is just drop-in at company door and handover your resume in envelope to receptionist or customer service person on front desk. Hope your resume reaches the human resource office. Next method is to be little prepared for in person application process. Go to company website and look for any job opening which are matching with your profile. Next call on company contact number and ask for appointment with human resource person. Once you have secured the appointment make it a note in your diary or add appointment in your outlook calendar. On appointment day ensure you reach your destination half hour early. Approach to front desk and give your reason of visit. During meeting with human resource officials present you in a professional manner. Things to hit hard are your recent experience and how it matches with the current opening and how you think you are valuable to company. In case no outcome comes from meeting ask for next meeting or when should you call the HR official.

Newspaper Classifieds

This one is really old method which still works for hiring potential employees. Get ready with color pen and magnifying glass. Don’t laugh some of the ads are so small that to read them in a crowded page you really need to focus and concentrate. Start zeroing on the interested positions and note them on a note pad. If you have computer I would advice to keep record of each company where you are going to apply. It helps to keep tab on your resume submission so that you don’t submit resume more than once. Create a cover letter which you intend to send with resume. The cover letter should be brief and give good information about you. Next stuff your resume and cover letter in envelope and label stamp on it. If you don’t here from companies send them a info requesting letter about your resume submitted for job. Sometime it works and you ight get call from company officials.

Job Consultants

These are individuals who are the interface between job seekers and the companies looking for the potential employees. These folks have contact with hiring manager and have first hand information of job openings in the companies. They will not charge you for any professional or job placement services. What they do is to match your resume with the job profiles. Once they find a suitable match they will submit resume to hiring manager. Next you go trough phone interview and in person interview. If you get selected they in turn will get professional fess for placement service.

The advantage in working with them is that you can list your choices such as what companies, which positions and the salary range etc. They kind of do pre-bargain for you with company hiring managers.

Let’s switch gears and see how to apply for jobs in 2009.

Job Sites

We are living in internet age. In this age for any information people go to internet for answers. The growth of internet has created opportunity for many businesses. One of them is job portals. The job websites are one point stop for job seekers and companies for looking talented staff to fill open vacancies. These job sites also provide free resume tools such as resume builder, tips for interview and tools to create coversheet. These websites are access point to hundreds of employers at one place. All you have to create your profile on their website with minimum information such as name, address, email address and contact number. After this you can browse their database for job openings. Some of the job portals let you keep your job submission history so that you don’t apply for job more then once. Not to mention this saves your postage and pain of mailing resumes to companies. The other advantages are cutting short for resume to reach hiring manager and turn around time is also fast.

Employer Web Sites

These days every company has presence on internet. This is also a good method of applying for jobs. Access their webpage on internet and go to “Careers” option on menu. Search for available jobs and see what matches with your profile. Some employer website allows you to just cut and paste your resume in web forms and provide a single point of submission. There is nothing wrong in following up with the company HR resource person about your resume. Remember you are not only person who is applying for the job.

Social Media Websites

Well internet space has become parallel to physical space. On earth we look for malls, restaurants, bars, parks to hang around with friends and collogue. Similarly on Internet there are many social websites which allow you to create your own personal pages and help in connecting with millions of socialites on website. You can add parameters in your profile page to whom you want to include in your friends list. You can expose your profile to many friends to many regions in world. All control is in your hand.

Now the question is how this helps to your job hunt. Many HR professionals are using these social websites to advertise job openings. Why, because these social websites don’t charge anything to users for classified ads. Now here s the free platform, millions of users and single bulletin board to get your message across. A Win-Win situation for everyone.

The few social media website examples are,,, etc.

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