How Insurance Companies Are Producing More Customized Solutions Through Tech

iQuanti: In today’s world, companies across all industries are finding that building a customer-centered experience pays dividends. It helps the company differentiate itself and build loyalty with customers, increasing customer lifetime value.
The life insurance industry isn’t exempt from this trend. More and more insurance customers are looking to “optimize” their insurance by getting the lowest possible premiums for coverage that fits them closely.
At the same time, insurance companies are looking to set themselves apart and connect with customers more deeply with personalized marketing. 
With all that in mind, here are a few ways insurance companies are using new technologies to produce more customized solutions.
1. Big Data/Predictive Analytics
Big data and predictive analytics can be incredibly useful in finding and even building life insurance quotes that are personalized for customers.
But it goes beyond that. Insurers can also use these to enhance and streamline the customer experience.
For instance, one segment of your customers might want more ways to pay premiums, such as paying with credit cards — or perhaps the billing process itself is too complex or time-consuming.
Big data and predictive analytics with the right tech solutions can help you hone in on the perfect experience for each customer.
This even applies to marketing. You can improve your customer avatar and target prospects more likely to need the kinds of offers you have, improving your revenues and building loyalty.
2. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Developments in AI are helping the entire insurance industry optimize and streamline myriad everyday processes. 
For instance, vehicle insurers may be able to implement AI tools that can analyze photos of crashed vehicles when insured customers submit claims. These tools may be able to accelerate claims processing and cut costs.
As a result, customers will be more satisfied with their insurers. Additionally, insurers will have more time to build relationships with clients and enhance loyalty.
3. Omnichannel Communications
Customers are on multiple channels now, so omnichannel communications can help insurers meet them where they are and offer great solutions and excellent service. 
For instance, a customer may have a question about their policy. They could head to your website and be greeted by a 24/7 AI chatbot that helps them answer their question.
If the chatbot can’t adequately meet their needs, it could instantly provide the proper phone number to call or an email field where the customer can write their question.
This makes the customer experience much smoother — the chatbot may be able to handle their question and save you and the customer time. And, if not, the customer could be redirected to the right place with ease.
Tech and the Evolving Insurance Industry
As millennials and Gen Z progress in their lives and careers and need insurance, insurers have to adapt to their tech-savviness and desire for personalization. 
Using the right forms of technology can help insurance firms build those personal connections and offer customized solutions that satisfy every customer.
Source: iQuanti, Inc.