How I Quickly Achieved my Work At Home Dad Website

It’s been weeks since I made a post here. I’ve been busy with my Work At Home Dad website.

I’ve been improving it and editing on it for 2 or 3 weeks now. In my campaign to financial achievement, I tried and tested some paths of increasing money online. The tried avenues has always been affiliate marketing and or online MLM. Both are best paths to multiplying money online. Both also tells a member to create their own website in order to be effective. You must brand yourself and the good way to do that is to create your own website.

That means you must create a domain name. What is a domain name? That’s a question that all beginners ask and online coaches forsake to call to mind. Simply put it’s the name of your website.,, are the best examples of a domain name. You can think of it as a title for your land (in Real Estate).

The second requirement for creating your own website is hosting. What’s that? Think of it as the house you build on your land. If you don’t have a house on your titled land, you can’t live on it. That’s the same for a website, if you do not have hosting, you would not see any of your posts, pics and vids when you press on Enter after typing in your website address. For example if does not have hosting, when you click on the Enter key, you cant see anything, well maybe a notice from the domain registrar informing the website is not up yet.

What’s a domain registrar? It’s the company/organization that sells domain names. Some examples are, and

Ok, so let’s review. In order to multiplying money online you need to get a website so you can brand yourself and advertise your product. Your product can be anything you see in an Affiliate network such as Clickbank. Your product can be any MLM program like Infinity Downline.

After you determine a product from Clickbank and you become an affiliate, you do not need to pay any fees in joining. It is free. You will earn from10 to 50% earnings when you sell a product you signed up with. For example you advertise StarCraft III video games for $60, you will have 50% or $30 per sale. Great huh?

After you sign up with an online MLM program you will need to give a monthly fee that varies from $10 to $25. Most will allow you access to thousands of movies, mp3 and files about online marketing technique and strategies in exchange of your monthly fee. You have from 10 to 50% of the monthly maintenance fee from your members.

Still, the fact is you ought to register a domain name and web hosting to sell your chosen product. So how much does these cost? You can investigate the details in my earlier post here. In a nutshell with godaddy and you will must pay a total of $579.87 for one year ($9.99/yr for the domain name and $569.88 for one year web hosting). With you just buy for $480 a year or ONLY $10 a month.

As you can understand it is better compared to the two other registrars.

The good program that got me hooked with GDI is you don’t need to look for a program from Clickbank and be an affiliate. You don’t need to pay $25 to get into an online MLM in order to earn. All you must do is create your domain name and pay $10 and you will automatically be an affiliate of the registrar itself! You earn 50% out of the $10 every month. It may look little at first glance but when you think about it, the potential is so big.

Just think how many online businessmen are out there joining affiliate programs or online MLMs everyday. There are literally hundreds of thousands new people that join hourly. That means hundreds and thousands of online marketing initiates will need to build their website in order to advertise their program. That’s where we come in. sell them a domain name bundled with hosting for just $10 a month PLUS we give them their own business. I’m sure after informing them of what we sell, these new online businessmen will stick with us and forget the affiliate program they entered before meeting us.

That’s what occured to me.c”, I needed to develop a website for an online business that I entered with and somehow (through good online marketing tactics) I ended up with I’ve been very bustling since signing up. I’m busily studying the marketing strategies set up by my sponsor and also discovering my own strategies. I will share all these techniques with you when you sign up with me. For a preview of the business head over to my site and investigate through the tabs. Please do leave me a comment or send me an email if you have any reaction, suggestions or just to simply say hi.

Thanks! Have a good week. See you next time!

Paulo Solana is a newbie in online marketing. He does not claim to be a mentor. However following the strategies and techniques of those guru, Paulo is progressively learning and enjoying being a Work At Home Dad. For more information about him go to Add his facebook account

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