How Drop-In Gaming is Giving a Platform to the Everyday Gamer

Many people who consider themselves an “everyday gamer” don’t feel comfortable entering into tournaments that could allow them to win big because of the skill level required or years of experience they think it takes to enter tournaments with a big payout. 
So, who is the everyday gamer anyway, and what does that term mean? The everyday gamer is anyone who enjoys playing video games casually, as a passion or a hobby. Whether their preferred game is Fall Guys or Madden, their favorite console is a PS5 or a PC, the important part is that they have an interest in playing games, having fun, and even winning big — regardless of their experience or skill level.
This is where Drop-In Gaming steps in. The company believes that the everyday gamer shouldn’t be pigeonholed into only entering low-paying cash tournaments or nothing altogether. They should have the chance, and even be encouraged, to play in competitive tournaments and win large monetary prizes. 
Some games on Drop-In Gaming are set up to be more inclusive of new players. Newer Rocket League players with low ranks play against people with the same rank, not someone with much more experience. In other games like Call of Duty, Drop-In Gaming puts players into different “K/D capped” tournaments so that one team isn’t much more advanced than another. 
Drop-In Gaming is changing the world of online tournament gaming — providing a welcoming environment for the everyday gamer to play a variety of games in high-paying tournaments, catch up on the latest esports news, and connect with other gamers along the way. 
“Gaming with the usual squad and turning the casual game night into something to win money is great! We are competitive and now we get to see how we stack up against others,” said Twitch streamer CierraShares. “Makes all the time grinding during the week worth it.” 
Players can sign up for free and create their Drop-In Gaming profile, then add funds to immediately enter into competitions.
Gamers of all skill levels and interests are encouraged to join Drop-In Gaming’s community and enter into a variety of matches and tournaments depending on their preferred game. Buy-ins start as low as $5 and prizes can go up to $1,500. 
Mike Quayle
Press Contact | Drop-In Gaming, LLC
Source: Drop-In Gaming