How Apple Business Chat Can Streamline Sales

Over-the-top (OTT) messaging platforms, which differ from MMS and SMS in that they’re offered directly over the internet instead of being built into a device, have become key resources for businesses to improve and simplify the communication process with their customers.
These programs allow customers to communicate with a virtual agent or human customer service representative in a convenient text-based manner, rather than being stuck on hold or waiting for an email response.
Apple Business Chat is an OTT messaging platform similar to WhatsApp or Telegram, with the advantage of seamless integration with other Apple products and services. It allows businesses to communicate directly with their customers on their iOS devices with a combination of virtual agents and human reps. Customer experience can have a major impact on consumer purchase intent, so on top of making communication easier on both ends, Apple Business Chat also can help small businesses streamline sales.
Apple Business Chat is a one-stop-shop
Apple Business Chat allows users to make purchases or schedule appointments directly through the Business Chat program, making it a one-stop shop of sorts.
Apple Business Chat’s Lists feature also allows businesses to make it easier for customers to search for products and services. With this feature, customers will get an automatic popup in the chat window with particular products or services that they’ve connected to the list, giving them an easy way to select one or multiple items.
For an Apple Pay users, it’s easy to make purchases through Apple Business Chat instantly, as long as they have a credit card linked to their account. With a simple double click to pay or facial recognition, they can immediately check out through the secure payment platform without navigating away from the chat window.
Additionally, customers can start a conversation with businesses through almost any iOS app, including Maps, Safari, Siri and Search, in addition to through the business’ native app.
For businesses that doesn’t necessarily have the staff to maintain a diligent social media presence, as is often necessary with Facebook Messenger and Instagram, Apple Business Chat can be a viable solution.
Apple Business Chat is living in the future
Apple Business Chat is relatively new to the customer service world, as it was released just over three years ago in March 2018.
Since then, the service has launched augmented reality (AR) experiences, which is a proven revenue-driving tool that gives customers the chance to better visualize a product and how it will fit into their life.
What’s the catch with Apple Business Chat?
One of the few downsides to Apple Business Chat is that it’s limited to interacting with iOS users. But as of March 2021, there were 113 million iPhone users in the United States, which is roughly 47% of all U.S. smartphone users, according to Statista. Plus, as of the 2017 CNBC All-America Economic survey, 64% of American households had at least one Apple product.
With Apple’s wide footprint, which only continues to grow, Apple Business Chat is a worthwhile investment for small and enterprise-level businesses.
Source: iQuanti, Inc.