How an Automated Phone Payment and Appointment Reminder Systems Help Practices Avoid Healthcare Burnout

For both hospitals and medical practices, late and missed appointments are costly. Not only do they cost the practice money from overhead and potential overtime hours, but also the mental and physical toll of burnout associated with overwork, unplanned overtime, patient challenges, and scheduling conflicts. High call volumes due to manual phone appointment reminders also place an unnecessary burden on staff who are scrambling to accommodate new and existing patients. 1-800 Notify offers an easy way to automate HIPAA-compliant appointment reminders that’s simpler for employees to manage, and patients to understand, reducing the stress and burnout that healthcare workers are experiencing.
Another burden that 1-800 Notify can help alleviate is in the Patient Financial Services billing call center staff. Our automated inbound interactive voice response (IVR) system can handle 100% of patient phone payments and balance inquiries. The IVR system allows patients to safely and securely make credit card payments over the phone and even review their recent payment history, which requires no time for staff and just moments for patients. Epic Systems integration allows 1-800 Notify to securely retrieve guarantor account and authentication information as well as patient balances; payments can also be posted directly to the guarantor account in Epic.
“COVID-19 has had a profound impact on healthcare practices. Increasing workloads and the accompanying stress are taking its toll on healthcare staff,” according to Martin Trautschold, CEO of 1-800 Notify.   
A recent Harvard Business Review article entitled “Beyond Burned Out” by Jennifer Moss, pointed out that truly reducing staff workload is one of the top ways to help reduce burnout. According to Moss, “Having a manageable workload is one of the strongest predictors of lower burnout.” (Source:  
Mr. Trautschold comments, “Using an automated system to off-load tedious, but important, tasks of taking credit card payments over the phone or calling a patient to remind them of their appointment, can be great ways to give staff a more manageable workload.”
1-800 Notify helps reduce the strain associated with healthcare burnout by automating manual, time-consuming, error-prone tasks. The system empowers employees, giving them more control to manage the patient experience more effectively by drastically reducing unsustainable call volumes.
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1-800 Notify is a healthcare communications firm that is fully HIPAA and PCI compliant, an Epic App Orchard Partner and integrates with many systems. 1-800 Notify improves patient appointment attendance, wellness and payments while improving efficiency for hospitals, systems, physician groups, and medical billing firms. Founded in 2011, 1-800 Notify has rapidly grown to support millions of inbound IVR autopay by phone calls, two-way appointment reminders, patient wellness and broadcast messages. 1-800 Notify is proud of its 98% client retention rate. We focus on learning each client’s unique needs, tailoring solutions to those needs and providing a highly reliable and scalable service — all at a price that is difficult for our competition to match. For more information, visit
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