How Airline Miles Credit Cards Work

iQuanti: If you’re a frequent flyer, you may be wondering if it’s time to start earning miles or points for your travel expenses. When you pay using the right rewards credit card, you can do just that by quickly accumulating miles that enable you to travel for less. But before you commit to an airline miles credit card, here’s what to know about how they work so you can decide whether this type of card is the right choice for you.
What are airline miles credit cards?
Airline miles credit cards are credit cards that let you earn bonus miles for flights and other purchases you make during your travels. Some cards also let you earn miles for non-travel purchases, so you can get rewarded for your everyday spending.
Cardholders can use the miles they earn to redeem for a statement credit to use on travel spending, whether they’re booking a flight or a hotel, eating at a restaurant, or getting a rental car. You may also be able to redeem your miles for cash, which can be used to cover any expense you want.
Benefits of airline miles credit cards
There are several benefits of airline miles credit cards, including:
How to choose the right airline miles credit card
When choosing an airline miles credit card, there are a few factors to consider. The biggest consideration is whether you’re a frequent flyer. If you tend to travel often for business or pleasure, signing on for an airline miles credit card may make sense. 
Another consideration is whether you want to earn miles for your everyday spending. Many cards offer bonus miles for all purchases, and these can offer a great way to maximize your rewards. Compare rewards programs that different airline miles credit cards offer to find the right card for you.
The bottom line
Airline miles credit cards help you earn travel miles for the spending you’re already doing. Depending on how frequently you travel, certain airline cards may make more sense. Choose the option that best aligns with your existing travel and spending habits. And as with any credit card, be sure to pay the balance due each month to take advantage of card benefits without paying unnecessary interest.
Source: iQuanti, Inc.