How a Sports Floor Made of Glass Will Change the Face of Sports

LeBron James goes for a three-point shot for his LA Lakers and scores. A digital fireball shows up underneath the basketball star’s feet, and follows him on his way back into his own half. The entire hall floor shakes for a brief moment and lights up in the colours of the NBA club. Statistical details are displayed on the floor, such as the hardness and distance of the shot, while the latest Chevrolet model rolls virtually across the floor underneath the hoop. Ball, player, floor: everything is connected to one another. All of this is made possible through the digital sports floor by ASB GlassFloor, which opens up entirely new opportunities for clubs, hall operators and whole sports to be successful in the post-Corona era.

Sustainable operations, digitalisation, and maintaining competitiveness by tapping into new advertising opportunities have long been the defining topics of the indoor sports and event industry as well as for the operators of multifunctional halls. In the battle for the favour of spectators, broadcasting rights, Olympic relevance and sponsorship income, those who are future-oriented are the ones that will gain the decisive advantage. The digital multifunctional glass floor can be an important building block in this process. It is not for nothing that Europe’s most modern training centre, the “OYM” in Cham, Switzerland, also relies on the glass floor by ASB GlassFloor.

The floor, which also represents great added value for athletes thanks to its joint-friendly properties, is more expensive to purchase than a conventional sports floor, but this additional investment quickly pays for itself. Its special feature: the lines are not permanently marked on the floor but are located as LED lines underneath the glass surface. Thus, at the touch of a button, a wide variety of sports game lines can be displayed or even many small training fields. Gone are the days of big line confusion.
Managing Director Christof Babinsky explains: “An ASB GlassFloor costs much less than several portable sports floors. But even more important is the time saving. The elimination of changeover times means that more events can take place. An ASB GlassFloor adds one to two percent to the total cost of a facility, but at the same time provides a 20 to 30 percent increase in venue utilisation.”
When school sports, professional training, sporting events and cultural events often have to be accommodated in the halls, this flexibility brings a decisive advantage. The durability of an ASB GlassFloor is over 70 years, on which you can easily hold different events in one day.
The glass floor is also available in a full-LED version, in which the entire surface is underlaid with LEDs that transform the playing field into a giant screen. Both versions can also be combined. For the first time ever, sports, entertainment and advertising are playfully interlocked in the focus of the spectators and thus open up a completely new dimension in the presentation of the entire event.
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Source: ASB GlassFloor