Home Sauna Heaven – New Website Launch

Home Sauna Heaven today launched its official website dedicated to providing independent reviews of the best infrared home saunas on the market, https://homesaunaheaven.com.

Home sauna has recently seen a boom in popularity across the United States as people shun public spas and gyms in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. A home sauna allows the healing effects of infrared heat therapy to be enjoyed in the comfort, privacy, and safety of a user’s home.

Company spokesperson Mia Perez explained, “with the vast number of home sauna devices on the market today it can be difficult to evaluate what works well, and what isn’t quite hitting the mark. Consumers who are unfamiliar with infrared saunas find it challenging to choose the right sauna for their homes.”

“It’s a crowded market and a case of information overload. We’ve stepped in to help people assess their needs and align them with the best fit sauna for them. We test, compare, and evaluate the best infrared saunas and create independent reviews the consumer can trust and rely on”.

Infrared sauna heat therapy is breaking new ground in the world of therapeutics. Already well known for its calming and relaxing effects it has been discovered in more recent times to infer a wider range of health benefits. Ongoing medical research has shown it can be used to treat symptoms of many persistent and chronic illnesses. No wonder sauna has been enjoyed by so many cultures across the world for thousands of years.

Home Sauna Heaven assists the customer in choosing the right sauna for them and their home. Their team of reviewers have been using infrared saunas for years and have an in-depth understanding of the technology. They take the time to test drive and assess which saunas stand head and shoulders above the rest, and which ones fall short of the line.

The mission is to deliver user-friendly, informative reviews that save the consumer time and money when it comes to choosing the best sauna to match their unique requirements. Perez added, “The future of sauna is infrared. Treat yourself to an infrared home sauna today and heal your mind and body with heat therapy in the comfort of your own home.”