Holographic Augmented Reality Experts Expanding AI-Based Cloud Platform to Educate Students in China

Integem Inc. today announced a groundbreaking partnership with the Chinese education firm New Channel International Education Group Limited (abbreviation: New Channel), offering Holographic Augmented Reality (AR) coding, STEM, and art programs to Chinese students.
Integem’s AI-based Holographic AR Cloud Platform works with any device, allowing students to develop programming, design, STEM, digital art & animation, and interactive storytelling skills via holographic AR.
Integem previously partnered with Zoom to launch Holographic AR Zoom meeting services, a transformative online meeting experience.
Since 2018, Integem has elevated the learning of students across 20 countries including 170 schools in California. Holographic AR offers a future-forward way to harness the power of artificial intelligence and augmented reality for the benefit of education.
How It Works
Customization: Create Your Own Holographic AR Experiences
Prior to founding Integem, CEO Dr. Eliza Du was a professor at Purdue University, an engineering leader at Qualcomm.
“The opportunity to leverage the power of our AI-based Holographic AR for education across China is incredibly exciting for us,” says Dr. Eliza Du, founder and CEO at Integem Inc.
“The technology and the education program have been road-tested in the U.S. and are loved by students here, so we’re excited to see what students throughout China can envision and create.”
New Channel, founded in 2004, is a leading English and international education institution in China with over 300 education centers and nearly 200,000 students, and a strategic investment unit of the US Kaplan Group in China.
“What Integem has created is nothing short of amazing and proof that the future is right now. To empower our students to learn how to design, program and innovate with future tech is something we’re very proud to do,” says Fanlin Zhang, Vice President of New Channel.
For more information on Integem, visit www.Integem.com and for details on New Channel, visit www.newchannel.org.
Dr. Eliza Du is available for in-person interviews and demos at Integem HQ or via Zoom worldwide.
About Integem: Integem is based in Silicon Valley and founded in 2015. At 2020 Zoom’s annual conference, Integem was recognized as “The Best of Zoom Marketplace & SDK Showcase.” Founder Dr. Eliza Du is an international expert in AI and AR, with more than 100 publications and more than 40 patent applications.
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