HoduSoft Announced Its HoduCC-Call & Contact Center Software Integration With Zendesk CRM

The integration helps enterprises to easily track, prioritize, and resolve customer support interactions. HoduCC – Call & Contact Center Software is an advanced communication solution that allows companies to connect with their customers efficiently to promote business growth and improved customer satisfaction. The integration of HoduCC with Zendesk CRM offers more smooth, personalized, and responsive support across different channels, which ultimately leads to enhanced customer relationships. Some of the key features of Zendesk CRM integration with HoduCC are:
Click-to-Call: Single-click calling functionality to help agents save a lot of their time
Call Pop-ups: Call alerts to save valuable time for both the callers and the agents
Automated Ticketing: Automated ticket generation via Zendesk CRM to answer customers’ queries promptly.
WebRTC Standard Options: WebRTC options help to build powerful voice and video communication solutions.
Call Dispositions: One-click call disposition facilitates agents to record the call results instantly.
Robust Reporting and Advanced Analytics: Access to real-time reports and analytics to improve customer services.
When asked about the details, Mr. Bharat Lalcheta- Co-Founder & CTO at HoduSoft said, “HoduCC is one of our most popular products, designed to suit all kinds of businesses. It helps enterprises to manage communication between the agents and customers effectively. Whereas, the Zendesk CRM software is specifically built keeping customer support agents in mind. With the integration of both HoduCC+Zendesk, enterprises are able to handle inbound and outbound calls in a seamless manner. The integration allows automated ticket generation through Zendesk CRM. As soon as a ticket has been generated, users can directly connect to a particular customer number via the HoduCC call plugin. Some of the key functions that can be used by the users include mute/unmute calls, call disposition, call on hold, and DTMF. Additionally, there is a call transfer option that allows users to transfer the call to an agent, supervisor, or a queue.”
Mr. Bharat Lalcheta further added, “Being one of the leading Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solution providers throughout the world, HoduSoft aims to assist the growing call and contact centers to resolve their customer’s issues quickly, while delivering excellent customer experience. All our products are designed to support various call support operations. Zendesk is undoubtedly a powerful system that allows users to connect and recognize all their customer information.
This feature-rich and highly functional system can easily accommodate the increasing needs of the sales and support team as well as the end-users. Some of the key highlights of HoduCC include Predictive Dialer, Skill Based Mapping, Automatic Call Distribution, WebRTC Phone, Auto Dialer, Single Tenant & Multi-Tenant, Multi Level IVR. With the integration of HoduCC and Zendesk CRM, call centers and contact centers can benefit greatly as the integration provides everything that is required to augment agent’s productivity and streamline workflows.
Source: HoduSoft