Hit K-Beauty Brand KAHI Introduced All-Day, Take-Anywhere Chubby Pink Stick Multi Balm in the U.S.

Typically, great skincare products get taken out once or twice a day as part of a skincare routine. Even the most luxurious face cream can only be enjoyed upon waking and before bed. KAHI’s Multi Balm is different because it is an all-day skincare routine, not a morning regimen or bedtime practice. 
KAHI’s Multi Balm logic is simple. Great skincare ingredients should be applied, enjoyed, and applied again, for maximum absorption and impact throughout the day. That’s why KAHI designed the Multi Balm as a beautifully packaged, take-anywhere chubby stick that looks chic coming in and out of a handbag for mid-day use. The Multi Balm takes care of blemishes and helps with puffy eyes too, making KAHI’s Multi Balm essential for anyone wanting to keep themselves looking refreshed and beautiful all day. This notion of a new, all-day skincare routine is the basis of KAHI Multi Balm’s marketing.
The balm’s core ingredient is the highly coveted Jeju fermented oil, which contains natural lactic acid that aids in cell turnover. The oil takes over 744 hours to harvest from Jeju Island. Jeju oil is known to hydrate the skin, create a moisture barrier, improve the staying power of makeup, increase skin elasticity, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles.
Featuring salmon collagen to nourish wrinkles, salmon PDRN to improve skin elasticity, and salmon proteoglycan to hydrate dry skin, a single use of KAHI Multi Balm can show improvement in wrinkles. That improvement can be attributed to the patented Filmexel technology, which is a natural biofilm made by combining doty, a type of seaweed, with tara spinosa, an ancient Inca fruit.
KAHI changed the skincare routine and is now leading the trend in Korea in that direction. Their combination of innovative packaging and high-quality skincare product benefits have changed the rules of the game in the Korean skincare market. KAHI has risen to the top ranks of K-Beauty. 
Already recognized as a powerhouse in the Asian market, KAHI is excited to have been brought to the attention of the U.S. market, continuing the clamor for K-beauty products. KAHI is expected to lead beauty consumers in the U.S. into this new skincare routine as well. Currently, KAHI Multi Balm has 4.5 out of 5 stars on Amazon and a 96.1% customer satisfaction rating on YesStyle. Clearly, buyers are satisfied. 
KAHI Multi Balm is available for purchase in the U.S. on KAHI’s official website (https://an.kahi.shop/), Olive Young Global (shorturl.at/uEIKY), and Amazon (shorturl.at/hFR02).
About KAHI 
KAHI is a cosmetic brand launched by Korea Tech, Co., LTD. Since its establishment in 2003, Korea Tech has successfully launched innovative brands in the field of “beauty, wellness, medical devices and living goods” Korea Tech has grown to a leading and reliable professional in marketing, branding and distribution of creative trustworthy products online and offline.
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