Hit Hollywood:Stay Connected with 100 writers

NGO Earth Agent is proud to have released a new platform called “Hit Hollywood!” Hit Hollywood is an imaginative platform that is designed to encourage people to connect online while staying safe at home during the COVID-19 pandemic.

100 writers will be hired to share their narratives, stories, and ideas with the world. Already, there is a variety of content to interest multiple audiences.

Hit Hollywood is a site where users can post personal stories, creative interest ranging from sports to art and find information about diverse careers as well. The user can create a personal page of their own. They can upload videos, pictures, and post on what interests them. In addition, there are 100 writers who have interesting and detailed pages who constantly release content for anyone’s interests. All of the Hit Hollywood writers are from different walks of life. With different perspectives.

The pandemic has limited the amount of social interaction we as a nation are allowed to have. This is the safest way to limit the spread of COVID-19. Hit Hollywood is a great alternative of social interaction that grant us the ability of community, new perspectives, and creating a space to share what is most interesting to the users.