Hillionaire Productions, LLC in Association with Wonder Worthy Productions, LLC Announces the Filming of ‘Call Me Now: The Rise and Fall of Miss Cleo’

Hillionaire Productions, LLC, in association with Wonder Worthy Productions, LLC, has announced the filming of Call Me Now: The Rise and Fall of Miss Cleo. Principal photography is slated to begin Jan. 23, 2023. The film stars Shane Johnson (Power), Ian Bohen (Yellowstone), and Robin “Lady of Rage” Allen as Miss Cleo. 
Call Me Now: The Rise and Fall of Miss Cleo is the story of Miss Cleo, who rose to fame in the mid-to-late 90s as a psychic phenomenon known for her catchphrase, “Call Me Now”. But it would soon all come crashing down in scandal and fraud allegations. But what really happened? 
“This film will tell the true story as it has never been told,” says Executive Producer, Jami McCoy-Lankford. “I also believe that when people view this film, they will have a new perspective of what happened, as well as a new perspective on Miss Cleo, herself,” says McCoy-Lankford. 
“Miss Cleo will finally have her moment of truth and redemption,” says Producer, Samone Norsworthy.
Miss Cleo’s longtime Attorney, William Cone, is Consulting Producer on Call Me Now: The Rise and Fall of Miss Cleo.
Film Stars:
Shane Johnson, Robin “Lady of Rage” Allen, Ian Cohen
Source: Hillionaire Productions, LLC