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Well shaping your career is as good as shaping your body for better. The more your body and mind is fit and agile the more you will be on top of things around you. Similarly you need to keep your career on track. You may have started with wonderful career on wonderful technology. Over the period of time that technology has become obsolete or not enough use in government or private sector. One has to tune to changing technologies. Update your self with technical and added education to be in the race for premium jobs.



Following jobs are in high demand because there is shortage of trained staff.

1. Healthcare Sector: Under new administration in Washington, president has started new initiative on healthcare and there is good chance more and more uninsured Americans will be covered under new healthcare plan. Jobs are available in all specialties, doctors, nurses, technicians and new job profile as bio/info space. The door is opened to wide variety of jobs and some of the universities have already opened the courses vertically catering to Healthcare sector.

2. Digitized World – Data Miner We are living in the age of internet. Our information source is digitized world in the form of cell phones, iPhone, corporate phones and computers. Lot of research is in process to get user information on shopping trends and monetize best online services. This sector is growing in leaps and bounds and soon will be the biggest consumer sector.

3. Information Technology: IT jobs still tops one of five best jobs for year 2009. The newest job category on block is server farming and cell computing. More and more companies are providing online space to individuals and small and medium companies to host their data and business online. This has created demand for high power servers and data computing. There is shortage of trained staff needed to provide 7/24 service schedule with zero down time. Apart from new jobs, the existing IT jobs such as Database administrator, Network admins and web developers are still in demand.

4. Business with Asia: In global market national and commercial boundaries have shrunken and brought countries and business community closer. Today there is global demand for positions which require to work for join ventured companies or to work in foreign land. Working experience with Asian economic giants are big advantage in applying for these jobs.

5. CPA – Accounting After Enron debacle government and corporate world has put more focus on best accounting practice. Today there is great demand for Accountants , CPA and accounting auditors. Companies are spending good amount money on streamlining their old and new records to fulfill government and tax obligations.

6. Biologists and Behavioral Geneticists – With lot of research going on killer diseases, genetic research, new drug invention, demand for bio and genetic engineers is growing fast. More and more companies required trained people to fulfill vacant positions.

7. Home Land Security: The fear of attacks from terrorist in many countries have created urgency to upgrade defense mechanism both at infrastructure and human level. Governments are spending huge money in upgrading surveillance systems and training man power to take 21st century challenge to counter terrorist in real and cyber world. Many openings are available at investigation, surveillance, counter terrorism, information technology and field staff etc.

8. Environmentalism: Global warming and global dimming has caused lot of buzz in world. Thanks to environment and green technology companies have created pressure on government to create policy to encourage green revolution. Fluctuating oil prices, changing weather patterns and droughts in Africa is pushed momentum towards the green technology. Today from construction to automobile and consumer goods to travel, every effort is being made to make business green friendly.

9. Travel Industry: Although with current global meltdown the travel industry is seeing a temporary dip but this is suppose to change once market rebounds. With the rise of ASIA, business with Asian countries has grown in double digits. Once the market rebounds the commercial and individual travel visits will surpass old records. The industry will be on fast track. Already there is construction plan for motels, hotels, airports, in China, Indian and other Asian countries. There will be demand for service industry, trained technicians and people with management experience.

10. Backend office jobs: The backend jobs will come back to America. The economies of cheaper locations such as India and China are growing with fast pace. The cost of sending work to overseas is closing gap with cost of work to be kept at shore. The backend jobs will slowly move back to America, especially in the sector were customer service matters most such as healthcare, investment and product support.

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