Here is Why June 28 Can Be the Best Day to Re-Assess Your Insurance Coverage

Insurance gets a bad rap for being decidedly unsexy. After all, celebrities use insurance to protect some of their most glamorous assets. Business Insider reports that Julia Roberts has reportedly insured her smile for $30 million and Cristiano Ronaldo’s legs are rumored to be insured for $144 million. But that’s nothing compared to Mariah Carey, whose legs are said to be insured for a jaw-dropping $1 billion.  
While you’re probably not using insurance to protect your body (but if so, good for you!), insurance is a useful tool for protecting you financially. Keep reading to find out why assessing your policies on June 28th, a.k.a. National Insurance Awareness Day, can help keep yourself and your family safe and debt-free.   
Types of insurance
Here are some different types of insurance you should consider: 
4 reasons you should reassess your insurance coverage yearly
1. Starting a new job
Got a new job or secured a promotion? You’ll want to make sure that your current policy is still a good fit for your financial needs.  
2. Taking on new debt
If you’ve recently taken out new debts, like a home equity loan, you’ll want to make sure that you account for these changes to your monthly budget. Otherwise, you could wind up not leaving your beneficiaries enough to cover their living expenses.  
3. Birth of a child
Welcome a new addition to the family? Time to update your policies to make sure you’re accounting for your new dependents.  
4. Starting a new business
It’s likely that your new business required a large loan or personal investment. If you had to dig into your savings to fund your new venture, you may need to increase your life insurance policy to keep your loved ones protected if anything happens to you.  
National Insurance Awareness Day may lack the panache of other holidays (I’m looking at you, National Doughnut Day), but it’s a day that can help protect your loved ones. Could a day devoted to delicious, circular pastries accomplish something that important? Stop thinking about it—the answer is no.   
Source: Credello