Henry Driedger’s New Audiobook ‘The Kingdom of God’ is a Comparison of Historic Legal Systems and a Study of God’s Commandments From a Constitutional Perspective

Audiobook Network author, Henry Driedger, has completed his new audiobook “The Kingdom of God”: a compelling examination of the laws given to the ancient Israelites from a modern constitutional perspective.
Henry was educated in local schools and took college courses in business management. His professional experience in the lumber, farming, and trucking industries, as well as his voluntary work in a number of community services, has given him a broader and more in-depth view of the social, political, and economic needs of a viable community.
Driedger discusses the process of writing his book, explaining, “Having experienced some business events, my opinion of the financial and legal profession totally deteriorated. This caused me to study constitutional law, starting with the Magna Court of England, the United States Constitution, the Canadian Constitution and Bill of Rights, and lastly the Alberta Rules of Court. I had the notion that my personal character might be lacking so I listed all the laws of the scriptures since ‘sin is the transgression of the law.’ After this, I wondered what these laws would look like in a constitutional format as the kingdom of God or the Ultimate Society.”
Henry Driedger’s new audiobook examines God’s Constitution. A legal constitution must have three conditions to be binding. First, there must be an offer made, such as some act or statement made by participants. Second, there must be an acceptance of that offer. Third, there must be some form of consideration to seal the agreement, such as an act or payment.
In Exodus, God made the people of Israel an offer. He simply asked them to keep his commandments and statutes. God’s covenant was the national constitution of the Israelites. As author Henry Driedger explains in his work, God’s Constitution was so different from the basis of all other nations that Israel became the primary example of a just society defined by true equality.
Driedger goes on to discuss how Moses gathered the people and explained God’s laws and conditions. All the people agreed to abide by them. Later, Joshua reaffirmed this agreement with the people and wrote all the terms in the book of the law. The consideration was sealed with the sprinkling of blood over the people. The people of Israel were then blessed with prosperity, health, and military strength. These events happened four thousand years ago. Modern civilization can look back through history and compare this ancient code of law with the known national policies and practices of every other society to learn from the mistakes of the past and reclaim God’s Constitution.
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Source: Audiobook Network