Hempsi Announces Industry-First Export Deal With South Korea’s Largest Retailer

Hempsi LLC, a producer of premium-grade USDA Certified Organic CBD hemp products and foods, including Hempsi Live Oil, a fresh frozen live resin extract out of Portland, Oregon, has landed a landmark export contract with the Republic of South Korea. The three-year deal with Woongjin Foods includes a contracted 200,000 units per year to supply Lotte, South Korea’s largest retailer. Hempsi expects other products to be introduced both to South Korea and Japan, including hemp hearts and CBD products.  
With the first export of 50,000 tinctures already complete and sold, a second 50,000 are scheduled to ship next week. This is believed to be the largest-ever export deal of American-made finished hemp products internationally and the first import of such products from America into South Korea.  
The products will initially be introduced to South Korean customers through Lotte’s TV shopping network, with the first airing already having taken place successfully. The products will then be rolled out exclusively through Lotte to its many retail locations throughout Korea.
Hempsi CEO Reid Stewart commented, “Hempsi is very excited by the prospects throughout Asia and is naturally aligned with the region. Korean customers appreciate the quality of our USDA Organic hemp products and we are very excited to export USA-grown and produced hemp products into Korea. Canadian and Chinese hemp seed oil has been the only option until now, and we are confident customers will appreciate the quality and freshness of American-made Organic products. We would like to thank IND Hemp for their help and commitment in getting this deal done and advancing this great industry.” 
About Hempsi
Founded in 2018, Hempsi™ is a leader in hemp food and CBD products. Hempsi™ offers a wide range of USDA organically certified hemp products, including its Hempsi Live Oil, A Fresh Frozen Live resin extract that leads the market in full-spectrum profile and potency.  
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