Helpmonks Announces Live-Chat and Email Marketing Platform

“While Helpmonks started with a shared inbox, it quickly became a collaboration solution that included emails, customer relationships, a To-Do Manager, and many other parts. It’s only natural that we are trying to help our customers, small businesses, and large organizations alike to do an even better job in their sales funnels,” says Nitai Aventaggiato, CEO. “With that in mind, we came up with the idea to provide the Live-Chat and Email Campaign toolkit for every customer on every plan. Hence, we are pleased to announce that the Engage Email Marketing toolkit is available on any plan level.”
A key feature is that all customer interactions are recorded at the customer level within Helpmonks. Hence, every email, chat message, and reaction to email campaigns are saved and available across the system. This invaluable data provides a Helpmonks user an advantage in their next business decision.
The Live-Chat can be configured on any site in a short time. The Group feature allows configuring the Live-Chat for multiple sites. Advanced features like chat triggers to facilitate interaction with potential customers are available too. Furthermore, users get real-time visitor statistics and advanced reporting.
Built-in email templates and visual editors allow users to create a beautiful email campaign in mere minutes. A marketing campaign is sent to segments – segments are made of customers with labels, all users of companies, or individual users. An email campaign can be sent as a transactional or automated email with sequences. The tool provides features like; unsubscribe, tracking, and reporting out-of-the-box.
One interesting thing to note is that Helpmonks is the only shared inbox solution on the market that includes both a Live-Chat and an Email Campaign software.
About Helpmonks LLC: Founded in December 2013, Helpmonks provides an email management platform that improves customer experiences. While starting out as a shared inbox solution, it has become an entire collaboration suite that offers teams an option to manage shared emails and the whole customer flow with its built-in Live-Chat, Customer Relationship, To-Do Manager, Workgroup option, and Email Marketing. Currently, over 2000 top companies with millions of emails use Helpmonks daily to manage their team email workflow. For more information, visit
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Source: Helpmonks LLC