Helping Senior Students Prepare for the VCE

According to the top private school Melbourne wide, Haileybury, the remainder of the school year can be particularly stressful for senior students as they prepare for the VCE. With exam revision, assignments and trial exams on their schedule, it’s important for parents and carers to help students manage their workload, while maintaining a healthy mind and body.
Parents and carers can support senior students by helping them to manage their time, energy and stress while also ensuring they complete their work by the set deadlines.
Haileybury says it’s important to create a study routine with students, by working backwards from exam dates. Parents can then help students to devise a study plan that breaks tasks into manageable tasks, which can make things seem less overwhelming. Students should be encouraged to be kind to themselves and reflect on what they have done well and what they can build on.
Additionally, the best private school Melbourne wide advises parents to ensure students are getting enough sleep, eating healthy and drinking plenty of water. As well as ensuring students maintain healthy habits, it’s important they continue to make time for friends and relaxation. For the sake of their mental wellbeing, students should stay active, taking regular breaks incorporating outdoor exercise,  to give them something to focus on other than school study.
It’s also vital that parents encourage students to ask for help and guidance if they need it. Parents should also encourage students to focus on what they can control, such as keeping up with their study schedule and setting goals for the future. According to Haileybury, having regular conversations about the future can help to keep students motivated.
Confirming their reputation as one of the most elite private schools Melbourne and Australia wide, Haileybury is celebrating another year of outstanding academic results with a number of students recognised for their achievements at the Premier’s VCE Awards. Thirteen Haileybury students received an award, with three students receiving two awards each.
The Premier’s VCE Awards recognise the top performing students from across the state who excel in their VCE studies. Haileybury remains committed to providing students with outstanding teaching and learning programs and the support required to ensure every student has access to opportunities to achieve their personal best.
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