Helping Others is ‘Within Reach’

Mission Entrepreneur & BossLady Bio, founded by retired U.S. Air Force Officer Jen Griswold, has set out to make a difference this month through a campaign assisting Afghan refugee resettlement.
The story of a little girl named “Reach” sparked the idea for this campaign. Reach was born to an Afghan mother on Aug. 21, 2021, aboard a C-17 aircraft during the largest combat evacuation effort ever in the U.S. Air Force history. To pay tribute to the life-saving efforts made to save the mother and baby that day, the Afghan parents named their baby girl Reach as a tribute to the call sign of the flight, “Reach 828.” 
In September, UNICEF estimated there were approximately 300 unaccompanied minors among the 34,000 Afghans who fled on American planes. U.S. Health & Human Services takes custody of unaccompanied minors until they are matched with a parent or legal guardian, but for many children, the experience is traumatizing. You can read more about the “Within Reach” campaign by visiting our blog at: 
To help this cause, Mission Entrepreneur will be selling “Within Reach” t-shirts this November and will donate 100% of the proceeds for every shirt purchased to Lutheran Social Services of the National Capital Area (LSSNCA). This organization provides community services “including foster care for unaccompanied refugee minors and adoptions services.”  Griswold says, “We want every child that steps foot in the United States, including our own children, to know that with belief in each other, and a little hard work, anything they can dream is WITHIN REACH.”
You can make an impact by purchasing shirts as an inspirational gift to yourself or someone else who is pursuing big goals or dreams. To purchase, go to Mission Entrepreneur’s website:
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