Help for People Wanting to Rebuild Their Finances by Reskilling as Digital Freelancers reveals why the freelancing industry has never made more sense and how it can help you. The pandemic has rocketed the industry into the stratosphere.
With unknowns and unpredictable lock downs, businesses closed and recommendations to work from home, freelancing is a viable alternative.
The website provides the solution here: 12 Critical Keys to Success When Moonlighting As a Freelancer is a series of critical resources everyone should read. The series holds a wealth of information to help build a full-time independent business or to supplement a wage. Vital information in uncertain times.
John Cosstick has written in depth resources with everything people need to know about freelancing. From assessing saleable skills to insight into the mistakes to avoid, how to stay safe online and how to start moonlighting to supplement a wage, anyone can benefit from his experience.
It does not matter where someone lives in the world. In a city or regional area, anyone can freelance. All they need is an internet connection and the right knowledge.
While becoming a freelancer can be daunting, the more information and understanding of the industry people have, the more chance of success.
The freelance economy has grown to a third of the world’s workforce. That is 1.1 billion people now freelancing with 200+ million joining the ranks during COVID-19. The contribution to the global economy is in the trillions of dollars and growing rapidly. The full analysis of global freelancing statistics and potential earnings can be read by clicking here: 405 Freelance Statistics for 2021: Market Size, Profile Data & Salary Rates. Working from home does not affect earning power as a digital freelancer during a lock down.
Freelancing is here to stay. It is part of the new normal. Armed with John Cosstick’s 12 Critical Keys to Success when Moonlighting as a Freelancer anyone can start their journey as a freelancer towards achieving success and repairing their finances. Watch the video below for a quick summary of what is included in the training. For a background of the author visit his Amazon Author page by clicking here: John Cosstick’s Amazon Author Page.
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