Helium 10 Announces New Amazon Advertising Platform – Launches ‘Adtomic’ a Breakthrough Solution for Amazon Sellers Looking to Optimize Advertising Campaigns

Cementing its position as the leading all-in-one software and analytics solution for Amazon sellers, Helium 10 today unveils Adtomic, an industry-defining solution for Amazon PPC advertising management.
Helium 10 Chief Revenue Officer, Ryan Iyengar, explains: “We’ve added to our already powerful all-in-one platform that allows sellers of all sizes to seamlessly manage both their organic and paid presence on Amazon. Solely focusing on one channel is not sufficient; rather, sellers must compete via both organic ranking and paid placements.” Iyengar continues, “Helium 10’s Adtomic is now the most reliable and efficient tool to gather key insights about organic and paid sales – the very data that allows Amazon sellers to not only compete but win in today’s Amazon marketplace.”
With Amazon ad spend on the rise, cutting into territory conventionally occupied by Google and Facebook, the market is showing aggressive signs of continued growth, making paid advertising on Amazon vital to third-party merchants looking to maintain a successful selling strategy. 
According to Helium 10’s Chief Amazon Strategist, Bradley Sutton, Adtomic makes the complex world of Amazon pay-per-click advertising easier. “Adtomic simplifies the complex Amazon PPC management process,” says Sutton. “Processes that traditionally could take up to 10 hours to execute, can now be accomplished in a matter of minutes. With Adtomic, our goal is to empower sellers of all levels, providing them with the tools they need to optimize their PPC campaigns to maximize their profitability on Amazon.”
Helium 10 is the leading all-in-one software platform for Amazon merchants, delivering accurate, data-driven solutions to sellers. Helium 10 is headquartered in Irvine, California.
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