Heidi Laird’s memoir, The Frankfurt Kitchen, is a riveting set of stories that create the portrait of a family marked by inherited trauma and the lasting wounds of war

Heidi Laird is a psychologist who has recently completed her memoir, The Frankfurt Kitchen: a moving collection of stories describing her family’s life in the transition era of Germany’s total defeat in WWII to the country’s unprecedented reconstruction in a peace-time democracy.
Heidi Laird grew up in Germany during the postwar era, when the United States evolved from a military occupation force to a peacetime cultural power, wielding vast influence in the world through its example as a country aspiring to great ideals, like freedom, equality, inclusion, acceptance of diversity, and generosity. She tells her personal story of how the image of America shaped her youthful ideas about the world she wanted to live in, as she struggled to make sense of her complicated heritage as the daughter of a Jewish father and a Christian mother, and as an adolescent inheriting the soul-crippling aftermath of the Nazi reign of terror.
Heidi Laird’s book is an enthralling read that tells in great detail the struggles of a young person coming to terms with her country’s poisoned past and looking for a place to build a more hopeful future.
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