Heathers Movie Part 6

Veronica Sawyer has three major problems in her life and each one goes by the name of Heather. You see Veronica is one of the popular kids and yet she doesn’t want to be. Veronica works for the Heathers doing odd jobs for them… y’know, forging notes and letters. But Veronica, deep down, hates the Heathers and wishes they were dead. This is the main plot that continues through the entire movie. The only good thing Veronica has is her Diary. That is until Veronica meets the new guy at school… His name is Jason Dean, and he has that James Dean “Rebel Without a Cause” kinda feel. Of course Veronica falls instantly in love with Jason. The only problem is that Jason is a Clyde looking for his Bonnie, and soon he convinces Veronica that she should assume the role. Jason gives Veronica what she has hoped for, the death of the head Heather. But as soon as one Heather dies another assumes the role. Is there no end to Veronica’s problems?

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