Healthy Space Technologies Partners Up for Even Greater Success

Healthy Space Technologies, the go-to source for Vital Oxide disinfectant, has made the decision to partner with GrowME Marketing. This is a great opportunity for both companies, as GrowME works to grow Healthy Space Technologies, and they do their best to keep up with all the new customers!
Why People Work with Healthy Space Technologies
For businesses, consumers and everyone in-between, Vital Oxide disinfectant helps keep spaces clean and safe! With an emphasis on making your life easier through home disinfectant, disinfectant foggers, Vital Oxide electrostatic sprayers, and so much more, this company consistently delivers on the dual promises of fantastic service and even better results. But surely other businesses are also offering this service, so how does Healthy Space Technologies innovate and improve?
How Healthy Space Technologies Differentiates Itself
As environmental health & safety consultants, Healthy Space Technologies is Southern Alberta’s premier provider of the most innovative and effective commercial disinfectant product: Vital Oxide. Labelled and authorized by Health Canada and the EPA, Vital Oxide is a powerful commercial and hospital-grade disinfectant that is completely odourless, non-toxic, 100% biodegradable, and proven to kill COVID-19. This modern disinfectant is available in sprays, 5-gallon jugs, 55-gallon drums, foggers and electrostatic backpack sprayers. They also offer disinfectant consulting services for businesses, commercial and public operations.
What Makes the Future Look Bright
Now that this amazing company has begun working with an advertising agency, things will likely start improving at a rapid pace. It’s best to get in early with rising stars like these, so learn more about them here to get started!
Source: Healthy Space Technologies