HealthX Group Patient Experience Agency Revolutionizes Health Care

HealthX Group, a new company helping health care organizations provide a better patient experience, launched this week. The HealthX Group launches its collaborative business to transform health care through a patient experience that makes a difference in people’s lives. “The opportunity to build trust and loyalty with a physician or a practice does not happen by accident,” said CEO and Founding Member of the HealthX Group, Nathan Wagner. “It requires a commitment to appreciating the value of each patient and putting patient experience at the center of change.”
Headquartered in Phoenix, its programs and services are designed to revolutionize patient experience and improve touchpoints that build patient and physician allegiance through each engagement. The HealthX Group is a collaborative organization comprised of health care experts passionate about creating lasting relationships between patients and providers. Its office is conveniently located in the heart of a unique health care ecosystem and ideally accessible geographically to service any market in the country.
Enhancing the patient experience is at the core of what the HealthX Group specializes in with their extensive service offering in Marketing & Advertising, Telemedicine & Technology, Team Augmentation and Consulting. “Personalizing care requires a concierge approach to help patients successfully navigate the health care system,” said Founding Member of the HealthX Group, Scott Cain. “Improving the patient experience is a winning solution for almost any health care challenge.”
The HealthX Group is equipped with a team of professionals to take this challenge on. To find out more about transformational patient experience and solutions to improve each patient engaging process, go to HealthX Group.
Contact: Katy Hansen
Phone 602-818-1944
Source: HealthX Group