HealthAware and Branch Analytics Announce Strategic Partnership

HealthAware, a leader in health risk assessments and patient engagement, is pleased to announce that is has partnered with Branch Consulting + Analytics to bring innovative solutions to the blood bank industry.   
Branch Consulting + Analytics has more than 25 years of Blood Center Industry recruitment experience. Through their targeted platelet-focused modeling program, they provide blood centers with increased supply (15% – 20+% platelet donor base increase), thousands of new donors and expansion flexibility at significant savings. With more than two million behaviors in the Branch Consulting modeling system, they provide results based insights to help improve all aspects of donor recruitment. Their systems and services have been used by blood centers representing about 20% of the US Blood Supply.
Greg Gossett, CEO and Founder of HealthAware commented, “The blood industry doesn’t need more technology. Our nation’s blood banks need innovation; new ways to recruit, convert and acquire donors. Branch Analytics and HealthAware collectively see the need for this; Branch’s donor profiling expertise, when combined with HealthAware’s behavior change technology, will create best-of-breed recruiting, conversion and acquisition programs in the market.”
Dave Leitch, Principle at Branch Consulting + Analytics remarked, “Both Branch and HealthAware provide unique services to the blood industry. Partnering our technologies and programs will mean a full suite of solutions for blood centers to increase whole blood and apheresis donor participation. And we’ve only just started to realize the power of our joined systems: we’ll continue to quickly innovate and develop increasingly effective outreach and conversion programs to benefit the industry.”
HealthAware and Branch Consulting + Analytics are dedicated to improving recruitment, new donor acquisition, and conversion-to-automated donation. Their main focus is delivering solutions that drive significant cost reductions using scalable technologies.
About HealthAware
HealthAware is an adaptive communication tech company that automates donor engagement and recruiting before and after a donation. Their behavior change experts and technologists work hand in hand to create programs that strive to increase donor frequency, while decreasing cost-to-recruit. In the past 10 years, HealthAware has inspired positive change in the lives of millions participants in more than 120 healthcare markets throughout the nation. For more information, please refer to the HealthAware website at
As part of the Eruptr family of healthcare solutions, HealthAware has a combined team, with over 250 years of consumer acquisition experience. Eruptr is not an agency but a new consumer acquisition and conversion partner, unmatched in the healthcare industry. Our teams, technologies and online marketing campaigns increase donor acquisition that yield donations and ROI. For more information, please refer to the Eruptr website at
About Branch Consulting + Analytics
Branch Consulting provides detailed analysis of your customer base, ideal customer profiles, and marketing/messaging plans to successfully and effectively target any segment to grow your business. Using customer demographic and behavioral data points, they develop hierarchical directories and targeted messaging programs to successfully increase customer activity. Branch Consulting also provides Donor Experience Training services to increase donor retention. For more information, please refer to the Branch Consulting + analytics website at 
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Source: HealthAware