Health Insurance Platform KindHealth Plans to Grow Exponentially With New Hires in 2021

KindHealth, an Austin-based, all-in-one digital health insurance platform, is proud to announce that it is taking aggressive measures to expand its team. The platform has experienced major growth in 2021, and this upward trend in hiring has laid a strong foundation for exponential growth.
KindHealth seeks to create innovative ways to allow customers to choose the best insurance plans for their needs. The company has always had a keen focus on developing and improving the user experience through technology and finds the best way to do so is to understand the end-user and engage with customers in creative ways. Using what they’ve learned in creating unique solutions to their customers’ needs, KindHealth is now expanding their enterprise efforts by integrating with partners to service their employees, offering custom tools to help them navigate new market opportunities.
KindHealth relies on a strong team of passionate and compassionate individuals to achieve these ends. To further these goals, the company will continue adding compatible members to its team.
Andrew Tomasik and Albert Pomales, who are two of the four co-founders of KindHealth, have significantly grown the company’s engineering team with 12 new hires. The duo is actively recruiting new product, marketing and design employees to round out their team and add to KindHealth’s excellence and expertise.
Each employee who works for KindHealth has an enormous impact on the overall culture of the company. Employees are motivated self-starters who believe deeply in KindHealth’s mission and find pride in increasing people’s access to insurance. There are no employees acting as spectators who fade into the background or only focus on the day-to-day work. Instead, the company will continue to foster a culture of ownership, creativity and innovation.
“We are energized by the prospect of growing KindHealth while keeping the company customer-centric, open-minded, and adaptive,” says Albert Pomales.
When Tomasik and Albert Pomales realized how difficult it is for many Americans to find quality, affordable health insurance, they set out to fight for people and make the world better along the way. KindHealth has already helped thousands of Americans get the right health insurance by making smart recommendations, pairing them with the right plan for their budget and needs.   
KindHealth offers health, dental, vision, life, accident, injury, cancer and Medicare insurance on a digital AI-powered marketplace that includes more than 250 insurance carriers and important policies. “Consumers need better, more intuitive ways to manage their healthcare spending, and KindHealth is ready to answer the call and fill that need,” says Tomasik.
KindHealth is effective at what they do because the company was built to be more than just a health insurance company. KindHealth is also a brand, an agency, a tech platform, and a health insurance consumer’s best friend, providing crucial resources and information to find and enroll in a health insurance plan that best suits each consumer’s needs and lifestyle.
About KindHealth
KindHealth is an insurance discovery platform launched in 2015 and based in Austin, Texas. KindHealth’s platform is powered by cutting-edge technology which recommends the best insurance plan for consumers’ needs and budget allowing KindHealth to better understand its customers and offer the right insurance plan. Additionally, KindHealth’s Marketplace Builder™ makes it simple for companies in any category — from leading technology brands to insurtech startups — to offer white-labeled digital insurance solutions to their customers.
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