Heal the Earth Foundation Delivers Medication to Cuban People in Need

When the Heal the Earth Foundation started this project, they knew of the potential difficulties in order to complete their mission and were told it was impossible to send medication to Cuba. Despite that, they achieved their mission again this past weekend and donated medication to help Cubans in need.
The fundraising event was the easiest part of this cause. The hard part was hand-carrying the medication to Cuba. A Heal the Earth representative, Mrs. Trimino, traveled to Cuba from Miami with the medication in hand to deliver it to a small group of Cuban doctors and nurses. Cuba has a limited number of flights into the country due to COVID-19; Trimino’s only option was to fly into Spain and get on a connecting flight there into Havana. Upon arrival, she had to quarantine for a week. Once she tested negative for the virus again, she met with local nurses and doctors and donated the medication to them. The amount of gratitude from these doctors and nurses was overwhelming. They have a hospital filled with many sick patients and have little to no medicine to treat them. This delivery of Ibuprofen helped them tremendously.
Personally donating the medication guarantees that the medication goes to the team of doctors and nurses who are committed to helping those in need. Shipments of a large box with medication inside may be confiscated by Cuban authorities or it may simply go missing. The risks of shipping out the medication is too high with little guarantee that it will get into the hands of the right people. Heal the Earth is grateful to have someone who was willing and able to support their cause and donate the medication by hand. As a Cuban woman, Trimino was more than happy to help.
Kristen Carranza, the Associate Director of the Heal the Earth foundation, said, “I’m so proud to see how quickly we were able to make this delivery. It makes me hopeful that our next few donations will go as well. We hope to continue making as many donations as we can and continue to help those in need.”
Heal the Earth has successfully made two hand-delivered donations to doctors and nurses in Cuba this year. The plan is to continue making more deliveries as often as possible. The fundraising for this medication is done at their live shows with the Miami Blues band and on the Heal the Earth website. Their next shows are September 17 at Le Club in Miami and September 18 at Shipwreckers Bar in Fort Lauderdale. Please visit healtheearth.us and follow @healtheearthfoundation on Instagram to stay up-to-date with this mission.
Source: Heal the Earth Foundation