Heads Up Announces Full Integration With Dexcom for Enhanced Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Heads Up, an industry-leading health analytics company, now features full integration with Dexcom, the leader in real-time continuous glucose monitoring (CGM). The integration provides individuals with a comprehensive dashboard for managing their metabolic health and offers providers a powerful solution for comprehensive remote patient monitoring. 
Using technology to track health and lifestyle behavior has led to glucose self-monitoring technologies coming into the mainstream. Dexcom simplifies and improves glucose management around the world with its small, wearable CGM system that provides real-time glucose readings. 
The Dexcom integration with Heads Up allows individuals to synthesize their Dexcom data onto a comprehensive dashboard with other sophisticated wearables including Oura, Apple Watch and Garmin. Heads Up also seamlessly integrates Dexcom data with nutrition apps including MyFitnessPal and Cronometer, as well as lab results from Quest Diagnostics, LabCorp, Everlywell and more for a complete picture of individual health. 
“Dexcom is a perfect partner to integrate onto the Heads Up dashboard,” said Dave Korsunsky, Founder & CEO at Heads Up. “Combining Dexcom CGM data with other vital health metrics empowers individuals and practitioners to make informed and data-driven decisions about their care.”
For individuals, the direct-to-consumer version of the Heads Up dashboard can be used to see the big picture with all vital health information seamlessly integrated onto a single dashboard. Individuals learn to more effectively self-manage by seeing their body’s own biofeedback in real-time and making simple and effective adjustments to their diet and lifestyle. 
For providers, the dashboards can be customized and deployed in minutes for a flexible and powerful remote monitoring solution. 
“We use the Heads Up dashboard with our patients at the GladdMD clinic for remote health monitoring,” said Dr Jeffrey Gladd, owner of Integrative Medicine Clinic, Gladd MD. “With Dexcom integrated onto the Heads Up dashboard, we can now leverage CGM technology to see deeper into our client’s health and optimize the lifestyle factors (diet, sleep, exercise, stress) driving their metabolic health.”
Heads Up gives patients and practitioners a tool to track lifestyle data and lab results to show changes over time. With a full suite of health information on one central platform, data displayed in Heads Up becomes the key to understanding and managing wellness holistically. 
Heads Up is one of a select few technology platforms with full Dexcom integration. The Heads Up platform provides unmatched centralization for tracking a wide range of health metrics in real time, allowing patients and clinicians the insight needed to optimize condition management.
About Heads Up
Heads Up is a health analytics and remote patient monitoring company based in Scottsdale, AZ. Unlike ‘institutional’ healthcare, Heads Up focuses on lifestyle therapies for optimizing health, wellness and longevity. Trusted by over 40,000 users in 60+ countries globally and by organizations including UCSF, Podium Sports Medicine and The Fasting Method. 
Source: Heads Up