HAZ’s New Book ‘Wildlife Adventures With Princess Crystal and Kiwi’ is an Imaginative Story About the Magical Adventures of a Fairy Princess and an American Kestrel

HAZ, a graduate from Penn State with a degree in wildlife and fisheries science who has worked in the environmental field for the past fifteen years, has completed her new book “Wildlife Adventures with Princess Crystal and Kiwi”: a gripping and potent children’s tale about accepting all beings on earth.
HAZ writes, “When the humans and animals finally evolved on earth, the fairies always left plenty of plants for food for all of them to discover. Gradually over time, the fairies allowed themselves to be seen by both humans and animals. The animals interacted with the fairies right away; they sensed they had nothing to fear from them. The humans were scared of the fairies at first. Gradually, their fears left and they began to interact with them. The fairies showed the humans how to plant and where to plant certain crops for food and herbs for medicines. The humans were kind and grateful to the fairies for teaching them, and they lived in harmony together.
“However, as the years passed, there was a shift in the humans’ thought. They no longer wanted to know how to grow plants and herbs. The harmony between the humans and fairies began to disappear. Ego and arrogance began to develop with the humans; the fairies feared this change in the humans, so they decided to hide their kingdoms. But, they didn’t have to hide for long. Since the humans were evolving, so would the evolution of the fairies continue. They were now invisible to the human eye. This made the fairies feel safe, and they could go about their day-to-day activities without worry. Only certain humans would be able to see the fairies, humans with a great amount of love in their hearts: love for all living things and love of self.”
Published by Newman Springs Publishing, HAZ’s enthralling tale teaches children the lesson to accept every being with love in their heart.
Princess Crystal, the fairy princess, meets an American kestrel named Kiwi. Kiwi’s mate is injured, and Princess Crystal heals him. Together they explore the United States helping animals in need along the way. Their lives become filled with action and adventures running into something new each day. It turns out, the princess’ destiny is to journey around the United States as an animal healer. On their escapades, Kiwi and Princess Crystal become the best of friends and grow in ways they never thought possible.
Readers who wish to experience this charming work can purchase “Wildlife Adventures with Princess Crystal and Kiwi” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iBooksStore, Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.
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