HAZMAT Permit Registration Service Launched by DOT Compliance Group

DOT Compliance Group has launched its HAZMAT permit registration service to every entity or transport company that deals in hazardous materials. Read on to find out everything about HAZMAT and the permit registration.
 What is HAZMAT?
HAZMAT is a short form for Hazardous Materials. According to the Secretary of Transportation, hazardous materials are substances that, while being transported in commerce, can pose an unreasonable risk to the health and safety of properties, the environment, and the general public. Some of these hazardous materials could be explosive, radioactive, flammable, toxic, oxidizing, corrosive, allergenic, pathogenic, etc. 
 Why is HAZMAT permit registration important?
As part of the responsibilities of FMCSA to protect lives and properties in the United States, it is paramount that law is put in place for companies dealing with hazardous materials. Without registering for the HAZMAT permit, a company cannot engage in interstate or intrastate transportation of certain types and quantities of hazardous materials. 
The Federal Hazardous Materials Safety Permit Program was initiated by FMCSA to improve vehicles safety on the highways. Therefore, for a transport company to engage in moving certain types and amounts of hazardous materials from one location to another, the company needs to get the HAZMAT permit.
 Are there any penalties for failing to register and get your HAZMAT permit?
The federal law mandates that HAZMAT registration should be done with USDOT. This registration is enforced by relevant agencies at the federal, state, and local levels. It is advisable for any entity that falls under the HAZMAT requirements to register and stay compliant with the laws. Failure to register or adequately file the correct information may attract dire consequences from the approved agencies.
Since the essence of filing this information is to protect lives and properties, it should be the duty of any concerned entity to abide by the rule. 
 How can you do HAZMAT permit registration?
To do HAZMAT permit registration, DOT Compliance Group has you covered. DOT Compliance Group has launched a special service that helps to handle HAZMAT permit registration for concerned entities. They have a team of professionals dedicated to handling HAZMAT permit registration and other DOT compliance issues.
Their goal is to help motor carriers stay compliant with all the rules and regulations of FMCSA without breaking a sweat. Get in touch with them today and they will be glad to help you do your HAZMAT permit registration. 

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Source: DOT Compliance Group