Hayden Trudeau’s New Book ‘Cynthia Savage Gets Woke’ Follows the Exciting Road Trip of the Savage Family and Cynthia’s Unexpected Venture Into Taking Her Stand

Hayden Trudeau, an excellent author, has completed his most recent book “Cynthia Savage Gets Woke”: a wondrous narrative that talks about Cynthia Savage as she finds inspiration to make a change in the world and proceeds to look for a way to call everyone’s attention on important issues.
Hayden writes, “Cynthia Savage comes home from school on the Friday that will kick off an exciting two-week winter break, and her parents have quite the surprise! The Savage family embarks on a road trip that seems to have a disaster lurking around every corner. Nothing is going as planned, and Cynthia Savage literally can’t even. One night, while watching the hotel TV, Cynthia Savage finds herself inspired by a movement of protesters demanding their beaches to be clean. It is here that Cynthia Savage realizes what she must do.
Don’t miss the first escapade of Cynthia Savage!”
Published by Fulton Books, Hayden Trudeau’s book is an enjoyable tale where we will witness Cynthia’s very first adventure. After a disastrous family trip, Cynthia wanted to make a difference and bring change to the community in her own little ways.
Readers who wish to experience this delightful work can purchase “Cynthia Savage Gets Woke” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.
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Source: Fulton Books