Haven’t Made Customers Smile Since 2019? Keaton Wilder Comes to Austin to Help

Hollywood veteran Dane Hanson has opened a new company in Austin that specializes in brand connections through comedy. Think 1/2 agency, 1/2 comedic consultant, 100% brilliant. While laughter as a value exchange is not new, Keaton Wilder’s difference lies in the company’s vision is to make comedy accessible to any type of business. This is perfectly captured in their most recent commercial, a funny B2B ad, We Hired a Karen.
As a small business itself, Keaton Wilder is excited to partner with companies of all sizes. From commercial ideation to social media management, there are countless avenues to add humor to a customer’s brand narrative. 
Hanson sees his experience as being directly relevant to his business goals. He was the Head Writer of “Punchline” on Fox,  and all-total, he produced almost 200 television episodes. He starred in more than 60 national television commercials. Hanson is best-known for his video, “Lie Detector”, which has gone viral on every social media platform.
As for being yet another person who moved from California to Texas in 2020, Hanson apologizes and promises not to change anything. 
Contact Keaton Wilder at:
email: info@keatonwilder.com
phone: (512) 522-7350
Source: Keaton Wilder