Harshit KZ Invests $500k in fastest growing IT company, Fliar Business Intelligence Pvt Ltd (Fliar BI)

DBG was pushed a year back due to the casualties made by the resignation event as some of the strategic apex employees went on strike and the event took a dramatic scenario as board remained paused for almost two months.

As per the official statement made by Harshit KZ — “I’m resigning the board for my upcoming ambitious project Fliar BI, for which I intend to quickly scale up to a multinational company and that requires that i put all my efforts and attention to it, and that’s the primary reason i resigned from the board, meanwhile I’m entitlingthe chairperson position to Anwesha Mukherjee, who is a great woman. I think she will push the company forward better than me.”

The story further became emotional when three of the closest directors to Harshit KZ in the Board, Elakshi Shekhawat, Akansha Shankdhar, and Yashika Chaudhary were sent to Santa Clara, California for the purpose of a research project led by Harshit KZ — A decision brought into enforcement in order to control the outbreak flow of board resignation event held in Karol Bagh, New Delhi.

Fliar Business Intelligence company also known as Fliar BI was a recent project founded by Harshit KZ and his brother, Manoj Kumar which was a fork of D Badaun Group Association established in Budaun, a small town of Uttar Pradesh, India. D Budaun group was a group of early aged personnel running the IT company in the small town, Budaun.

Harshit KZ stated in a seminar held in Connaught Place Delhi — “That is a company of teenagers, mostly ranging 14-22 ages of students who never had been into any company environment not have any kind of experience or skill but their potential is up, as I’m myself a 19 year aged I appreciate, their enthusiasm and I think they will do it too.” — In the reference of D Budaun Group, in April, 2018.

However, the company reportedly failed to operate due to very small opportunities of the market in that town, and the operations were shut down in mid of Nov 2018. Fliar had been found 2-3 months earlier as seen on the registration date as 11 September, 2018 from the database of the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. However, Fliar BI continued to operate striving for innovation and disruption which led to the Innovation of Fliar Business Intelligence robotic system and the modern era of B2B platform specially dedicated to transforming Information Technology market methodologies.

As per their official sources, Fliar BI robots is aimed to control the gimmick of the thousand of IT companies that they convey over the Internet by manipulating the company performance benchmarks such as Google reviews, rating methods of various company and other b2b platforms where actual fact sheet is never shown to the public.

Let’s understand this technology through these official sources notes published on Fliar BI blog — “If I ask you to give me any online measuring method that determines the company’s performance into various aspects like after-sales services, their infrastructure, quality in their service etc, that could be measured within just one tool. Perhaps you’ll name Google Rating, Facebook Ratings, Glassdoor Ratings and likewise – but I ask you can’t these numbered be tempered? Since all kind of pre-existing solutions based upon the same old convention user reviews – and you might be pretty aware of how tempering Google Reviews, Facebook reviews, has become a hot business for the IT companies! Means many of the companies pulling a good amount of customers from the Internet is tempering or buying the fake Google reviews as well as for other service – and this does happens with all kind of pre-existing solutions be it Glassdoor, Crunchbase and everything else.

In such a scenario there had a to be a critical requirement from a tool that does not rate businesses based on their web reviews but on the fact bases and so Fliar launches its Fliar BI Rating system that rates the company based on actual facts passed through deep machine learning models, analyzes the entire history logs, as well as their customer’s relationships, financial and official data, web property health, social site’s signals, web property health, fake reviews detector algorithm…”

According to Fliar Business Intelligence official notes, they process the rating system based on the original 72 facts and they have spread the spotlight on some of the major factors of the ranking algorithm.

In order to further develop these strengthened technologies, Harshit KZ, reportedly further added $500k of the fund to the board of the company so that innovation at a much larger scale can be done in India.

Fliar Business Intelligence Pvt Ltd is currently dealing further with Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, NLP, ML, AR & VR, Web Development, Mobile App, etc services.

One of Fliar’s representatives Shrey Terren, expressed in his tweet that Fliar is planning to offshore its other location in Santa Clara, California.

Fliar BI (Fliar Business Intelligence Pvt Ltd.) is a startup barely one and a half year old, that is scaling rapidly with most of its focus on technology — primarily on Artificial Intelligence and the transformation of existing methods of buying and selling over the internet pertaining to IT.