Hard Core Iron Dust – Epoxy Paint Overspray Removal Jobs

Epoxy Removal of Texas manages overspray claims in and out of the USA. This video contains before and after shots of vehicles heavily covered with iron dust and various epoxy paints.You will not see any videos like this one, I have never not been able to remove any paint overspray or any foreign matter off a painted surface. Sense 1989 I have never had to turn down a job because of this. I have saved insurance companies millions of dollars, by removing the paint overspray from the paint, glass, trim and molding pieces.The average price to replace trim and molding pieces run anywhere from 2500.00 to 3000.00 for cars. The price can easily double for SUVS. Check out more of my overspray removal videos. Just (google paint overspray) and hit videos and you can see every aspect of overspray removal. contact me at jeffoverspraytech@hotmail.com paintoversprayremovaloftexas.com

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