Hard Asset Management Announces Private Treaty Sale of 1859 Proof Gold Set

Hard Asset Management, Inc. is proud to announce it has recently sold a renowned set of proof gold coins. Widely considered a hole-in-one accomplishment in the world of numismatics, this set included the ultra-rare Quarter Eagle, the Half Eagle, the Eagle, and the legendary Double Eagle, each with a known population of only 4-5 examples in any condition.
In January 2022, a single 1861 $20 Proof 66 coin set a world record at auction with a selling price of $1.8 million. This set, however, has 7-8 known examples of each coin in existence. “The demand for Proof Gold is high, making this set a truly unparalleled addition to a collection,” says Christian Briggs, Founder, and CEO of Hard Asset Management. “This is a truly one-of-a-kind and rare set of coins, and it is unlikely that such a set will ever be assembled again.”
The year 1859 was marked by significant political turmoil, a booming gold and silver rush, and the looming threat of the American Civil War. It was also the year abolitionist John Brown led a raid on the federal armory at Harpers Ferry, an event that would have significant implications for the future of the United States. This 1859 Proof Gold Coin set reflects an era in American history, as these rare and valuable coins are a testament to this period’s historical significance and value.
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Source: Hard Asset Management, Inc