HalfMoon Education Inc Sponsor’s Fox & Moghul CLE Seminar on ‘IDENTIFYING, CLASSIFYING and LOCATING PRIVATE EASEMENTS’

Attorney Terry Fox from the real estate boutique firm of Fox & Moghul delivered a cutting-edge Continuing Legal Education Seminar on IDENTIFYING, CLASSIFYING and LOCATING PRIVATE EASEMENTS with Half Moom Education Inc., a non-profit education provider that began providing high-quality continuing education seminars to professionals in 1996. HalfMoon Education selectively recruits distinguished faculty members in the legal field to help expound upon complex areas of the law. 
“This seminar was designed to break down the complexities of the law surrounding easements for the everyday legal practitioner,” said Terry Fox Esq, seminar instructor and senior real estate partner at Fox & Moghul. “I have taught many CLEs before,” said Fox, “but this was probably one of the most complex topics.” The full seminar materials can be accessed on the firm’s website here. Fox & Moghul is a boutqiue litigation firm in Fairfax, Virginia, that provides high-quality representation to developers, investors, buyers, sellers, lenders, architects, contractors, engineers, brokers, landlords and tenants in connection with every conceivable type of real estate asset, including raw land, retail, office, industrial, residential, hotel and restaurants. 
“I would like to thank my partner, Faisal Moghul, Esq, for his invaluable insight in preparing for this CLE,” said Fox. Mr. Moghul is the litigation-partner at Fox & Moghul, who handles complex and high-stakes real estate litigation cases at Fox & Moghul. For more information on this CLE, please contact Ms. Elizabeth Davis, public relations manager, at Fox & Moghul at [admin]ATmoghul[law].com. 
Source: HalfMoon Education Inc