HAI Solutions Receives Notice of Allowance for Intravenous Device

HAI Solutions, a startup medical device company, focused on innovative vascular access solutions, announced today that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued a notice of allowance for claims related to the company’s intravenous vascular access device.
“Our team is focused on developing innovative products to address a clear unmet medical need. Expanding our patent portfolio is an important step to improve our market value and ensure exclusivity,” said Nicholas Perrenoud, Chief Executive Officer of HAI Solutions. The patent titled, “Multiport Delivery Device” (Application 16/453,850), provides broad protection and strengthens the utility of the company’s flagship vascular access device. The Multiport Delivery Device (MDD) is composed of a multiport manifold, whereby two or more medications, with variable fluid viscosity, can be delivered to a patient in a timed and sequenced manner. The MDD comprises inline filtration that purges air and prevents the transfer of harmful contaminants or particulates. As a key strategic divisional application, this utility patent reinforces the novel method of delivering multiple intravenous medications.
“We are delighted to expand our growing patent portfolio and pleased the U.S. Patent Office agreed with our novel combination method of delivering at least two medications, either singly or in combo/sequenced manner,” said Paul Swaney, Chief Business Officer for HAI Solutions. The startup medical device company has a growing portfolio of 3 U.S. Patents with 7 pending both in the U.S. and Internationally.
About HAI Solutions
Based in Santa Barbara, CA, HAI Solutions is developing a novel and innovative platform of vascular access devices. HAI’s intravenous therapy solutions target IV contamination which occurs in challenging medical care segments like the Operating Room, Intensive Care Unit and Emergency Room. Founded in 2015, HAI Solutions believes in protecting every patient by advancing clinical care across the healthcare spectrum. For more information please visit www.HAI-Solutions.com or follow us on Twitter @HAISolutions.
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