Haggadot.com Emerges As Expert In At-Home Ritual With 2nd Pandemic Passover Approaching

As a second pandemic Passover holiday approaches, Haggadot.com has seen dramatically increased interest in creating innovative at-home Jewish rituals. Whether people decide to host an in-person, all-video or hybrid Seder in 2021, they will find a curated Passover experience on Haggadot.com. Users are empowered to create a Seder, a relevant and meaningful storytelling evening, that fits their family’s needs. 
Haggadot.com’s Growth in 2020: 
“We spent the last year inviting our users to explore new at-home rituals, including home altar making for Rosh Hashanah and designing outdoor light sculptures for Chanukah,” said Eileen Levinson, Founder and CEO of Haggadot.com. “Our work gives people permission to make the holiday their own. We may feel fatigued, but our site keeps people spiritually nourished.” 
Last year we scrambled. This year we have the time to have a Seder with intention.
As one of the most widely observed Jewish rituals, the Passover Seder is remarkable in its adaptability. Families regularly adjust components of the Seder to meet their needs, especially in a pandemic where people’s daily lives have changed radically. 
“Jewish DIY was the trend even before COVID struck,” said Rabbi Dan Horwitz, CEO of the Alper JCC in Miami. “Now, when gathering in person is a challenge, Haggadot.com continues to empower folks to delve deeply into the structure and form of the Seder, crafting a storytelling evening that is inspired, relevant, meaningful and personal. It’s a powerful way to ensure that the core story of the Exodus passes from generation to generation.” 
To better help users craft their Passover storytelling, Haggadot.com will host a series of virtual events open to the public: 
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